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Catering Heat Lamps Save money with our top tips

posted on 16 August 2011 | posted in Catering Heat Lamps

Catering heat lamps are used in a multiple of applications in the catering trades. These lamps are ever important for keeping your products at the correct safe temperature ( above 63C) and also making what you sell visually appealing, sell more product make more profit.

Our new range of catering heat lamps come in jacketed and unjacketed versions, two length options 118mm and 220mm.

Wattages vary, 100, 150, 200, 300 and 500 watts.

These lamps are now available with discounts for bulk purchases, savings can be as much as 30%

These quality heat lamps are energy efficient ( ever important these days) and also dimmable. Tried and tested these lamps have a long life span and fit into R7 lamp sockets.

Accessories are also available reflectors, lamp holders and dimmers.

Top Tips for Catering Lamps

Do not exceed the manufactures maximum wattage

Use Jacketed lamps where required, the double skin lamps can provide more safety against breakages

Use dimmers to save energy and still get the illuminated effect to maximize sales

Check the temperature of your food, make sure you are up to a safe temperature, but not scorching it!

Turn the lamps off when you are not using them, they do not need to warm up, this will save you electric and the life of your lamps

Always keep some spares, keep your product well illuminated and safe



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