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A better tasting coffee with a cleaner machine

posted on 31 October 2011 | posted in Coffee machine Cleaner

We all love the creamy crema laya on a nice fresh coffee.
Keeping your coffee machine and grinder in a good clean condition will keep your coffee talk of the town.
The best place to start to keep your coffee equipment clean in the grinder. Oily deposits, old coffee beans and mould can all build up on your grinder blades. Any of these can effect the quality of the coffee. We suggest a busy coffee shop should do this once a week.
Puly Grinder Crystals allow you to clean your grinder with out the trouble of dismantling. They come in a handy sachet enough for the average grinder; simply empty the grinder, add the sachet of crystals, add a small amount of beans and grind through. Make sure you have a cup if coffee before and then after, you will see the difference.
Next we move onto the machine its self Puly Caff Group head cleaner. This comes in very convenient tablets of powder form.

This is ideal for cleaning the shower, filter, filter holder and back flush. Puly Caff will clean and not damage the vital areas of your coffee machine and is also ideal for soaking other components to include jugs cups spoons etc. Remove the burnt coffee taste from your head unit.

Last and not least there is Puly Milk Cleaner, This removes the fatty deposits that milk leaves on nozzles, spouts and frothers. Keep your machine looking new, again you can soak components to remove the most stubborn milk residue


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